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Pro Consumer Mortgage Brokers like bSmart will save you hours of searching and thousands in wasted repayments over using an ordinary mortgage broker or going direct to most lenders.

Well, I say “like bSmart”, but we were here first and it took almost a ten years for another mortgage broker to even think about becoming Pro Consumer. With a an extra decade of experience over our nearest competitor, we do it better and have an estanlished history of ongoing CashBack payments to our client’s home loans.


My name is Trent Lee and way back in 2002 I started to look for a problem to fix. Back then, mortgage brokers were a relatively new idea and I was intrigued by the idea of a business that could offer borrowers a simpler, better way to find a great deal.

However when I scratched the surface, I discovered that although mortgage brokers promised to work for You, the commission and bonus payments dangled in front of them, meant they often looked after themselves and the lender well before they took care of you.

In 2003, I helped develop the bSmart system that takes commission pressure that works against you with ordinary mortgage brokers and turned it around so it now works for you.

I hope you allow us the opportunity of showing you just how good mortgage brokers can be. I guarantee that with bSmart you will get a professional service that includes better advice, better care and better value than any other mortgage broker in Australia.

We may not be the biggest, but we are the best.

Call us on 1300 72 36 36., or fill in the quick form to the right of any page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Your sincerely.


Trent Lee

bSmart mortgage brokers pioneered truly impartial mortgage help on any loan, any feature from our extensive range of leading home loan and investment property lenders.

Using bSmart Mortgage Brokers saves you time and money.

In the last ten or so years, the mortgage market has become more complex so more people are turning to Mortgage Brokers for Help.

Here are some of the reasons.

bSmart Mortgage Brokers will save you time and money.

Your bSmart Mortgage Broker will do all the legwork on structuring your loan and short listing the best options from one of Australia’s largest range of lenders. While most ordinary mortgage brokers may face commission bias, the bSmart system ensures advice on every loan option from every lender on our panel is professional and in your interest only.

We take the power of commissions that lenders use to buy the recommendations of ordinary Mortgage Brokers and give them back to you so your loan is repaid faster and using less of your money.

And of course the choices now available in the mortgage market can seem endless and completely overwhelming. You can choose to try and learn all the  ins and outs then research Lenders and their products yourself, or work with a professional bSmart Mortgage Broker who already has that knowledge including Pro Consumer tools and the latest updates on special deals.

bSmart Mortgage Brokers are with you through the entire journey saving you time in getting the right loan, then time and money in paying it off too.

bSmart Mortgage Brokers give you a wider choice

All Mortgage Brokers have a panel of Lenders from which they recommend different loans and lenders. bSmart has one of the largest range of lenders of all mortgage brokers in Australia and each broker is kept up-to-date with their latest offers with Pro Consumer software and education.

bSmart Mortgage Brokers cost you less than ordinary mortgage brokers

Most Mortgage Brokers don’t charge a fee for their service as the Lenders pay them a massive commission for the loans they arrange and most Lenders offer the same rate via the Mortgage Broker as they would directly, and a Broker could save you money in other ways.

The bSmart system means that we only ever deduct a flat rate professional services fee from the lender commission and pay all surplus commission payments back to your loan. The flat rate means features that will cost you more with the lender and earn more commission for an ordinary broker cannot affect our advice. These features include:

  1. How much you should borrow.
  2. What Loan Term you should take.
  3. Whether you should take Interest Only.
  4. How long you should take Interest Only.
  5. If it is better to take a variable rate, a fixed rate or a split fixed/variable rate loan?
  6. Deciding if a line of credit right for you.
  7. Which interest saving strategies could work best for you, what options you need and how you use them.
  8. What lender offers the best loan that meets your needs.
  9. Whether you should consolidate debt to your loan.
  10. What the pitfalls of each option are.

bSmart Mortgage Brokers can help you avoid pitfalls

Many products seem to offer a great deal but they could have penalties, fees and charges you may not be aware of and these costs could keep you locked into an under performing loan. Or, they may not offer the flexibility you require in the future or the best features to reduce your interest costs. A bSmart Mortgage Broker can help you avoid taking out a loan you might later regret.

bSmart Mortgage Brokers is a full member of the Financial Brokers Association of Australia.

bSmart Mortgage Brokers have the highest level of membership with professional bodies,  are members of the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited and have the highest professional standards available.

  1. For an obligation free, confidential consultation on how bSmart can help you.

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